Create a Loan Request (Borrower)

Create a new loan request in Baiji is really easy, but to make it even easier check out this!


  • Click on "New Loan Request"
  • Select the collateral you want to use:
    • ETH
    • LEND
    • Bitcoin
    • ERC20 (more than 150 accepted ERC20 tokens)
  • Select the amount of collateral
  • Select the loan currency (ETH, LEND, Stablecoins and pegged options). Remember you can't select same collateral and currency.
  • Define the amount to borrow. You can select up to 50% of the collateral value (55% using LEND as collateral).
  • Choose the loan duration. From 30 to 360 days.
  • Choose the monthly interest from 0.25% to 5% monthly. You can also check the total interest to pay for the loan in the details.
  • Check the loan details are correct, click on 'Create' and send the transaction clicking on Submit. (You are able to raise the gas price if you want your transaction to be confirmed faster)
  • After the transaction being confirmed you will be prompted the final loan details and the button to transfer the collateral. Click on it, and send that transaction.
  • Congratulations! After the confirmation your loan is created and listed in the list of requests. You are also able now to feature your loan to give more visibility to it.


  • To create a loan request first you need to have an account (Sign up) and create or import a wallet.
  • For creating a loan request you need to have in your wallet some ETH (0.05 should be enough) and the collateral to be used in the loan.
  • If you want to create a loan request using Bitcoin as collateral you are required to use the native wallet of Baiji in order to interact with the Bitcoin wallet.